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Facts about papiphoenix

born in october 22,1981 (he's 16) in the mountains of Japan and raised in Tokyo phoenix was tought from a young age the value of hoes and art, he excelled in education considered a prodigy in math like most asian niggas and he quickly graduated high school after moving to america when he was 15 He couldnt properly speak english due to an obvious language barrier so instead of taking his time and learning it he would pronounce words as he saw fit and use nigga and bra as filler words. At the age of 12 phoenix lost his virginity to an asian bitch and ever since then he has had a facination with them, Hes moved on to White females and big booty light skin bitches but his fondness for asians will always stick with him.

He makes music now and words couldnt even describe the things i feel when i listen to his sounds, the best way to put it in words is a never ending acid trip that starts inducing thoughts of suicide after a while. He has captivated me with not only his looks but his vibe and his ability to make trash ass music with this new revolutionary technology dubbed autotune

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